Ophidiophobics may hate this article! All I can do for them is appeal to them to not be filled with dread or hate snakes.. but beyond that I can only pity them for not admiring the beauty of snakes!

We would have to clearly differentiate the phobia of snakes, if it is fearing them for their venom or the inherent danger involved.. or just hate the sight of snakes and loathe them because they slither and whatever dumb 'reasons' one could give!

Snakes aren't dirty creatures or monsters that're on a constant move to kill us/eat us/bite us. Infact, to them, we are the monsters. By raising their hoods (in case of cobras) or hissing or rattling their tails or by puffing, they don't mean to harm anybody, but indeed are trying to give a warning message to stay out of their way, it well means they are defending themselves.
People get bitten only after they've encroached into their spaces and have startled the snakes and snakes presume it a potential harm to their life. And it is Nature's gift to every life that every life in its own form comes with a natural armour -"inbuilt" in techno terminology - be it strength or venom. This is merely for protection sake and for no fun, alright!

All said and done. Keeping aside the ophidiophobics, let's look into one of the amazing snakes that by size and strength has earned the name of the largest and the longest snake on the face of the earth! Yes!!! I am talking about the Anaconda!

Anaconda belongs to the genus Eunectes, could vary in species. South America’s green anaconda is, pound for pound, the largest snake in the world. Green anacondas can grow to more than 29 feet (8.8 meters), weigh more than 550 pounds (227 kilograms), and measure more than 12 inches (30 centimeters) in diameter. Females are significantly larger than males - they have to be! For how else would they give birth to nearly or more than three dozen live young ones!

Anacondas prefer to live in swamps, marshes, slow moving streams like the tropical rain forests of the Amazon. On land, they are cumbersome. Imagine a 30 feet long 230 kgs heavy body struggling to push itself forward! It could well possibly make a meal of itself if the vultures, or any other predator for that matter, come in a huge gang!

Dirty water is obviously lot more a better place than the land that unravels danger. Not that the dirty water offers a safe place. Danger lurks everywhere! But with a colossal predator like this one, even danger would be willingly ready to take a back seat itself!

From hunting to eating to mating.. it is all king size. huuuuuuuuuge (somehow, I wanted to give a magnanimous effect to it, and thus the extra 'u's :-D ). They are monumental! They are constrictors. To exactly mean - squeeze every breath out of the victim. It is excruciating, and the victim dies of suffocation. The non-venomous anaconda is gifted with power, it constricts its victim till the heartbeat and the breath of the victim stop. And what after that? SWALLOW IT WHOLE! More than 6 hours to just swallow (ingest) if the victim is a large mammal. No part of the victim is torn apart, everything goes in - from fur to horns to tail- literally everything! And the powerful digestive juices take care of digesting all what it's eaten - of course for months together. It needn't eat often. Stories of man being eaten, buffaloes being swallowed whole - are a possible reality. Boas are capable of this. But swallowing whole obviously renders the bulky snake immovable, and thus making it vulnerable to other predator attacks! Well, all's fair in the predator-prey game!!!!

This video takes you through the hunting tactics of the anaconda!

That was hunting and eating. Come to think of mating. It's a tremendous job that could last upto a week! The female needs to eat before she chooses to mate, it makes sense too. She would have to go hungry for almost 7 months after mating. Unlike fight for female that happens in most of the animals, anacondas are more intelligent in this matter though! Several males could get together to 'do it'.
The pheromone molecules help the male get near the female. Harmonious and generous mating I would like to call it, upto a dozen males may roll themselves around in this responsible and tiring job- mating! It is famously known as the 'Breeding ball'.

Take a look - a 'diligent' look at this mating video!!!

That female was more than happy! Wasn't she?! Her looks spoke volumes! Who says animals couldn't express ;-)

Gestation is a testing time like it is for any female impregnated with life! This mother is no exception to it.
The anaconda is ovoviviparous. We know of viviparous (embryo within mother's body and the mother gives live birth) and oviparous (egg-laying, no embryonic development within the mother). But this is yet another strategy of giving birth. Here, little miniatures develop within eggs that remain within the mother's body till they hatch out as live (or in some cases still births) young ones. Unlike in viviparity, there's no embryo but rather the nourishment comes by the egg yolk. This is the beauty of life! There's no embryo but there's gas exchange happening for the survival of the tiny ones about to breathe into the world. How? The mother's body provides the gas exchange facility.

The beauty of life seems to have surprises. No marks for guessing mother's job of care taking ends as soon as the babies are out! They have to be on themselves immediately after they are out of their mother's warmth. She has had a long starved gestation, unlike the human mothers that are loaded with nutritious food till they have puked out all the extra!
The anaconda mothers may have to go without food from almost the time after mating till they have 'outsourced' the offspring.
Wooah! It's certainly not easy to lose almost a third of the body weight in producing almost 40 young ones each around 2 metres in length! She could gulp in some decayed or undeveloped or still born babies, for she has to withstand the pain she's gone through and go on for a kill.

After the birth, the little ones driven by instincts are on their own!! The little ones are real vulnerable to predator attacks, but for the ones that make it, no predator is big in its front!

Take a look at the video showing the birth of live (and some unfortunate ones that couldn't make it) and the challenge immediately after they come to life! A zillion thanks to the documentary maker who's excellence is shown in sneaking into the beauty of the anaconda life!

You can't be unfazed by this tremendous beauty and its behaviour! Everything about it is so colossal! That's the ANACONDA for you. We can't help but to wonder how the creature manages to grow that huge and survive so perfectly in the wild. Nature certainly holds the key to every problem encountered, in the due course of evolution, She has perfectly granted every creature its self-defense and key to survival in its own way!

In the next episode of Animal Behaviour - some more amazing and bewildering behaviourial facts about animals!

Animals rule!!!!!!!

With not more than 2 months of C++ coding, I've learnt what's 'Unpredictable behaviour', 'Undefined behaviour', 'Unspecified behaviour'.. A code snippet can produce such behaviours! It could burn your hard disk, crash your system, may give proper results or do nothing at all, or may even send an email you always 'wished' to send to your manager species (!!!) Basically, anything can happen! (A fond memory recalled from what was taught to me by a genius mentor! That's how he used to say what an undefined behaviour of a code is!)
I'd wonder, then why is it called 'undefined', why not 'unpredictable' ? Oooo this English vocabulary!

And if a non-living thing can have varied behaviours, living things can well far have numerous behaviours - usual.. unusual... unpredictable... unexpected!
Ofcourse! undefined, unspecified, unpredictable, unexpected - all these sound to mean pretty much the same to a common man! It means it is 'unusual'.
An uncommon man could go on with his "un" prefixed behaviours!!
Lets be common and look at and look upto nature for behaviours! Coz, however hard a man tries to get uncommon, nature has its say and it's final, alright!
Animals are no exception to usual and unusual behaviours!

I would want to start my Animal behaviour series with perhaps the most strange and heart touching behaviour, brilliantly documented by Saba Douglas Hamilton.

I must have watched this documentary well over a dozen times!

I've never wanted to trade places, even with the greatest of celebrities. I want to be me and remain ME!!
But deep down I secretly wish I could trade places with these documentary makers just and only till the time the documentary is done!!

Here's presenting you with one of the best animal documentaries!! Happy Journey!

It is the land of predators that becomes the land of miracle!! East Africa. The equator in Kenya- perhaps one of the last untamed places on earth.
It is the Sambaru Reserve - home for thousands of predators and prey equally. And all of Africa's top predators find home here in the tall grasses!
And it is here that the fairy tale also feels nice to take place - A LIONESS ADOPTS AN ANTELOPE-A BABY ORYX!!!
Yes, you've read it right! We've heard and seen stories of dogs adopting kittens, cows mothering monkeys.. I've earlier spoken of 'undefined behaviours'! It could well be one of those. Defying the laws of Nature!

The lioness is called "Kamunyak" which literally means 'the blessed one'! Read on.. You will find out why is the blessed one!

Under the cover of darkness, the activity of lions is at its peak. The time is best for hunting and dining! It is a gruesome game of cat and mouse (idiomatically cat and mouse..)
Lions are the killing machines. Pride makes them formidable competitors.
It is natural for the lions to kill every 4 days. And natural for the oryx or antelopes in common to get killed - the law of nature - the weakest is to be killed/eliminated, and the fittest has to survive. Good old theory of 'Survival of the fittest'. This theory holds good with same, similar and dissimilar species!

But Kamunyak has defied this rule! She has contradicted everything we know about lions! Why?

Because Kamunyak has adopted an Oryx calf not more than a few weeks old!!! The calf hasn't fled in terror at the lioness' sight, which is also quite unusual, since the Oryx calves usually are up their feet to fled away when encountered with danger, and that too within minutes after their birth.

This calf was too weak to keep up with the Oryx herd.
Where ever the calf went, Kamunyak followed. But was it the killer instinct that made Kamunyak follow the calf..? Not really!
The same powerful jaws can also be tender, Kamunyak was mothering the Oryx calf! This was one side of her, but there was another side.. Was she confused? She licked the calf, bit the calf by the tail.. Sometimes mother, sometimes predator???
Wasn't her hunting reflex triggered? Oryx are prime prey, Kamunyak was hunting for something.. but what? Truth was..she wasn't hunting at all!

The calf was starving, hunger kept it moving away for milk. But Kamunyak wouldn't leave the calf to go out of her sight. She'd 'call' the calf, the typical sound made to contact the baby.

She clearly defied the laws of nature! The two stayed intimate..

Had the mothering instinct won over hunger?? For 2 weeks, both had starved!

What was happening? What is the reason behind the extreme behaviour?
The impact of 'man' killing animals, loss of habitat has had devastating effects on animals. Dr.Laurence Frank in his observation has brought out that the Lion population is down by 90% over the last two decades!

Was it trauma? Can this extreme behaviour of Kamunyak be a result of trauma-striken animal, who'd lost her pride at a critically early age?

Kamunyak was solitary! Her pride weren't seen anywhere near by her, even though there were 3 resident Lion pride. Lioness raise youngs in a nursery.. all female gang, alright! ;-) sisters, daughters, grandmothers, mothers!! They form a pride, bond hence forms!
Being solitary would put the lioness at any lion's mercy!

Kamunyak was surrounded by hostile lions, and the stress had begun to show. Both the calf and the lioness had been starving. Her obsession was killing both!

The news spread far across, attracted tourists from long distances to witness the Legend in the making!

14 days with each other and 14 days without food! Every bystander wanted to help, and more to the helping, a chunk of meat was thrown, so to keep the lioness alive!
Despite the terrible hunger, Kamunyak wouldn't take it.

With over two weeks, the duo heads for a drink in the river. It's mid-day and all the Sambaru reserve animals inclusive of predators would gather at the river.
In Saba's own words - "With the lioness as the protector, the calf has little to fear"!!

For the first time they'd come to the river for water! But they both needed more for survival!
The attachment was amazing!! If Kamunyak were with her pride, this couldn't have happened, so say the experts!

Kamunyak had broken the rules of nature! Will nature strike back???

15 days!!! They'd grown weak!

For the first time, Kamunyak had left the calf wander out of her sight.....

Did nature have its say?????

Yess! A male had got the calf by its neck!!!! Kamunyak was desparate and confused and didn't stand a chance! :-(

The dominant lion had killed the calf, Kamunyak came by with scared steps, smelling the blood, searching and reacting exactly like a mother who'd lost her baby!!!

That was it!!!!

The fairy tale had an end dictated by Nature!

Kamunyak hunted and ate the next day, her starvation ending after 15 long days!

And ever since, it is said, she has adopted 5 Oryx calves- With each having its own end!

Kamunyak has turned nature on its head!
This is THE HEART OF A LIONESS - This is Kamunyak - The Blessed one!
And this is Animal Behaviour - Episode 1


This link takes you into more videos of 'The Heart of a Lioness'!

If I were a White Peacock.....!!!!

I would flaunt my feathers and put women's make up to shame.....

I would walk the green lawns.. up the bushes.... dance around..... like the puffed clouds would want to melt down!
... like the sun would go red not knowing if he's more beautiful or me!
The radiant rainbow would think 'why am I not white'!!!

I would never ever come back to an enclosure where man lives...

If.. if.. if..... If I were a white peacock......
I wonder if a white peacock would ever think 'If I were a human'!!

If only it did think so, I'd want to trade places with it!!
I'm silently wishing a white peacock would read this -- "Dear White Peacock... If you ever happen to read this.. please let me be you... Even if it's for a day..." :-)

A Biotechnologist like me, or for that matter anybody who knew what an 'albino' means, would mistake the white peacock for an albino!
The first time I came to see this ANGEL white peacock, the very first thought was that it had biologically inherited a recessive gene that results in absence of pigmentation!

I was so wrong!!!!
The white peacock is a color variety of Indian Blue Peacock!
Looks magnificent and elegant indeed!

Then did I realize that the plumage needn't always be brilliantly colored to be beautiful!!!
I'd known that the brilliant colors of the peacock plumage are due to an optical interference phenomenon based on periodic nanostructures found in the barbules of the feathers. The hues which shimmer and change with viewing angle is because of interference-based structural color!
But simply because the nanostructures in the barbules of the feather differ, the white peacock is white!!!!
Hats-off to NATURE and its splendid beauty!!!

After sometime, I realized another fact... Beauty was only one part of the story! The other part was "GOOD LUCK" associated with the white peacock!!!!!!!
They say it's lucky. Traditionally, if anyone saw a white peacock, the fortune would turn better!
And why not, it is an ANGEL! Childlike wishes and deeds like this are acceptable.. If and only if it doesn't cause harm to the birds! (for that matter even animals and every other creature on earth)

I was quite taken aback when I read this --- There are people ready to pay lakhs for a single white feather of this White beauty!!!! :-O
And there are websites that commercialize it too!!!!

O MAN!!!! It is detestable if it caused harm to these innocent angels!!
Shame on man!!
Here's earnestly hoping and wishing all those causing harm to animals/birds would be sued to death.. by law... by Nature.... by other fellow beings who care for wildlife.. by whatever means!!

No wonder the White Peacock never wishes to say .. "If I were a human......."!!!!


There was loud music-"Aisa jaadu..." "Chak de..." The air filled with celebration.. It was Ganesha Chathurthi and it was evident.
My heart filled with enthusiasm and wanted to join the dancing crowd!

My eyes couldn't help but to sheepishly gape at the 'MOdakam', a variety of sweets and all the lip-smacking food kept right under my nose, and hopelessly helpless!('coz I couldn't eat them!!)
I wanted to yell out "weren't they prepared for eating???? Why did they keep it like that!!!"

I silently saw the crowd celebrate, in a total festive mood- all dressed up, heavily made up ladies' faces, sparkling eyes of kids sparkling more on their butterfly-colored new dresses!
Even I wasn't any less dressed, alright! I looked gorgeous too!!

I didn't quite realise when I slumbered into dreamland. Was it sleep 'coz I was hungry & yet I couldn't eat the food kept in front of me, or was I tired of seeing lots of people's buzzing and dancing their way to glory!!
I wondered, "I'm blessed!!", 'coz I could sleep even in the noise enough to deafen me! Who says large ears can bear it all?!!

It was like a dreamland (or was it the dreamland?!)!! Fathomless ocean with waves at the shore, the shore was dotted with green trees! The waves seemed to be racing with each other!(the winner would be kissed by wind as a reward!) The fun-filled games were filling my eyes!
The green trees homed a lot of cheerful lives- birds, reptiles, butterflies- air filled with life- a blissful life! Fish, turtles and all those dwelling the sea also played in water like they competed with the land animals! The wind watched all this and swayed in the music of nature! The fish and corals in the sea sparkled with brilliant colors nature had given them! (Gosh!! Man can't mimic them!)
The trees embraced the droplets of rain that held the sun rays (or did they hold the Sun itself?!!! the droplets mirrored the Sun)

I suddenly felt a strange feeling that almost blinded me! Where was all the beauty I was seeing so far???? Ohhh! God!!

I could see DIRT all around! Huge buildings, bulldozers run by creatures that looked like monsters! The place that was once beaming with life was now only a place of dirt. Unimaginably filthy area!! Hoardings that said 'Close up, smile...' I didn't find anything worth smiling at in such a sight that was only a discomposure!
The wind that was blissfully pure had now turned black and what a FILTHY smell was it!! Vehicles' noise had surrounded me, while their polluting gases had my world injured!!

All this had enough pain in my heart, while something pushed me from behind, with a jerk, I felt my spine twist and turn!!
What were they doing to me?! Who were they????
I wanted to scream for help.... "Daddy, where are you.. please save me from these miscreants!!!!"

The bulldozer didn't stop! It carried me to the seas, dragged me with all the dirty world's filth.

I was badly injured! My bruised arms and legs winced in pain.
Couldn't the man who ruthlessly pulled me along under his detestable wheels realize I was in pain?????

He dumped me into the shore!!

My heartbeat became more and more feeble.......

I tried to get up... Even with all efforts, man's misdemeanour had the upper hand!

I wanted to take a breath and say to the world................... I AM GANESHA...

Friends...... WHAT A SHAME!!
Our actions show that we aren't cultured! Our chants/words wouldn't reach God if our actions prove us dirty!
If we cannot respect God's creation - NATURE, how'd we respect Him???! God is in the vastness of ocean, in the purity of air, in the green of trees....
He doesn't ask for lucrative paints, expensive decorations.

Let's Respect and love His Creation - NATURE.
It's our responsibility to keep our environment clean, and show dignity to the Lord! Let's make our prayers more meaningful.


Steve Irwin...

It takes a 'Steve Irwin' to dart the bite of a venomous snake, to wrestle a 10 ft+ crocodile, to glide away like it's a superman!! (I'm not sure if the fable Superman could last out all the bruises, tail whacks, bleeding skin!!)
A cut cheek, grazed knee, smashed fingers, busted ribs - none could stop the warrior from performing more and more, crouched in scorching heat, sloshed in thick mud - all for one Purpose : WILDLIFE CONSERVATION!!

# Exuberant.. with veins popping out in an adrenalin rush, unafraid and full of love!
# Passionate.. like redefining the meaning of 'passion'.
# Enthusiastic.. like he'd snatched up enthusiasm from enthusiasm and packed it in him! God! Like he didn't know anything else than to be bursting with energy!! His passion with a beaming smile was instantaneously infectious..
# A born communicator.. with a broad Australian accent, instantly capturing attention from all over around him! known by his catch phrases "Crockie!!! Woooooo-hoooo!! What a ripper!!! Dropdead gorgeous!!!!" Indeed....
# Khaki-clad bloke.. recognized around the world for donning his khakis wherever he went! And he wore it with pride, alright!! Walking the red carpet wouldn't make him think twice to wear his khaki shirt & shorts!
# A Wildlife Warrior.. with an uncanny sense for finding wildlife!
# Conservationist.. Environmentalist.. He's a man of action and deadly passion..
# A family man.. with fathomless infallible love for his wife and children, his best pal Wes, he'd consider his Australia Zoo staff and his cuddly to dangerous to lovable animals his extended family.
# A perfect DAD.. his Kids are his ultimate images with their blood too saturated with love and respect for wildlife!!
# A Legend..

That's Steve for all!!

He jumped on crocs, took a Taipan by its tail, walked the deadly bird-eating spider on a bark, cuddled the Tasmanian devil.. From Wombats to cacatoos, from King Brown to boas, from Emus to Cassowary... He was a Legend with all of them!

It takes only Steve to kiss the Komodo Dragon right on its head! From being one with the Gorillas-cuddling up to them, chewing up the rotten lettuce a chimp offers him.... From climbing up to the tip of the sharpest & crazy-looking cliff to diving deep into the oceans, with white sharks all around him! From dirty waters to swamps to rain forests to suburbans!! From forbidden caves to multifarious museums! and to more impenetrable places..
A complete Naturalist!! Crockie....!!!! He's a legend!!

One mission.. one message.. one passion : Wildlife conservation!!

Yes!! What's life without Craze, without Passion, without madness-to DO IT! To do what your heart beats for.. to do what your rushing blood urges to do!! If doing this is 'being crazy', then yes, Steve was crazy.
If educating people on animals in his self-established, brilliantly built zoo, if explaining to people the dwindling habitat, endangered animals and to be able to make kids to adults alike admire and love animals is being crazy---then yes! Steve was crazy!!
He announced it to the world, with all ingredients of love & concern, that the snakes that looked like monsters weren't ugly creatures that'd creep in to kill people.. they are indeed beautiful and blissful while himself holding the ocean's deadliest snake, a 7 footer which out-sized his arm width!
I wonder how he'd have wanted to put the man to shame who'd killed the endangered Black Buck!!!!!!!! and how he'd have condemned the government which bailed the man out!! "WWWHAT AN ABSULUTE SSHHYME"!! (What an absolute shame!) he'd have said!!

Steve.... please come down to punish these dirty souls!!

Steve would hate the sight of wildlife stuck on chain, being on roads performing to fill the dirty stomach of man!! He'd go unto them -the snakes, the young chimps, the porcupines, and touch them with his tender hands, feeling hopelessly bad for them. He wouldn't leave the place without appealing to the public not to pay them any money!!

He would risk his life and stare death right in the eyes.... everything to spread the message of CONSERVATION!!
The more we know about animals, especially the ones that look deadly and are deadly, the more we come to respect them, love them, appreciate them and protect them.

It was a legacy passed on to Steve from his parents who were wildlife champions too! The nine-year old boy, who'd actively involve in rehabilitating crocs and snakes, grew up to love wildlife and give his life to wildlife!!
His "Australia Zoo" started with 350 staff and it's ever increasing till date and a whopping 135000 hectares of pristine land making the Wildlife reserve. With boys and girls, men and women alike who stand and run in khakis to promote conservation-hands on! Who talk to animals-mammals, reptiles, birds... Who kiss the animals and cry and go down on their knees when the animals die! Who'd go any extent to save and give the animals the best treatment!! Just like the leader who leads them all!!! Stevo the man!!
And it's so much fun! Chocobloc of fun, alright!! Pranks and practical jokes very much welcome!! Be it Jai who'd have make-up with lips painted pink all unknown to him or Steve himself being fooled by fake kings who'd want to take away his camels!! A rollercoaster ride!! It's his HOME afterallll!!!
Pushing the boundaries of science... giving his life to animals! He loved all animals. From the tiniest lizard to the biggest elephant and everything in between!!
the creation of the animal hospital at Australia Zoo!! The veterinarians and staff treat koalas, kangaroos and other animals that are injured by poachers, accidents, natural disasters, dog attacks and development activity. The hospital takes care of 5,000 animals every year. It is the largest facility of its kind in the world.

I completely love Steve Like crazy... He's one person who can keep me going for 22 hours at a stretch unrelentingly! My idol, my love!
With Steve near by any faint-heart would turn a warrior!! Even the cameramen didn't have to worry a bit.. 'coz when Steve sensed a grumpy animal he'd take the camera to film them even if it meant plunging the camera into the crocs' mouth that'd fit Steve's body in it or in the firing line/striking range of snakes..The cameramen-John Stokes, Grant Markert, Henry Pierce and others could always rely on him for the best shot.. All this just to make people realize the wonder world of animals!!

How could fate be so fatal!!!!! How could Steve leave the world that he'd loved so much!!!
Nothing i do or see can possibly make me believe Steve's no more.. He's the Hero..
I just couldn't believe the day that brought to me the news that said 'Steve killed by a sting ray'... NO WAY!!!!!!!!!! NEVER!! I still don't believe it!
What a man..!! even adulation and exaggeration would be less to say anything about Steve! I run out of words to say how i adore & love him! A man who'd work round the clock, be up till 3 in the morning, studying croc behaviour!
It was in his initiative that CROCOSEUM took its full form!

The place where thousands could watch him feed the crocs!
Like he said "And boy CrOckieee"..he was magnificent and the brilliant understanding of the mood of the croc!
And Whack!! The research vessel "Croc One" is personally designed and refined by him that's involved in the world's first research & marine wildlife rescue!
All over the world he travelled, many different species he snuggled up to, his all time favorite remained Crocodilians! No muss. No fuss!! What an amazing gift he was in successfully having the radio transmitters/satellite attached to the crocs which, he, with his team caught! He mastered it all.. right from where to set the traps, (the traps, too, which he designed), to restraining the mighty angry croc!! Least did the croc know it's all for its well-being!!
It involved Blindfolds, top jaw rope with an unbreakable snare to secure the jaw, statistical records, attaching the radio transmitter(to track the territorial range and daily movements which's for the conservation study), and then....!! the dangerous part-the release!! the most crucial and critical part of the undertaking
, where every extra second multiplies danger! he'd do it with GRACE!! His head would crack & split like a watermelon on concrete if he took a hit from the croc! Goshhhh!! Hair raising!! It looked so simple when he did it... but when i saw his crew (the batch of youngsters- Stuart, Toby, Kelsey) in the session doing it!! God!! How they struggled to keep the stress level down! They could always Do It!! Steve was around!! to constantly boost them & keep their adrenalin working!!

AMAZINGLY GRACIOUS!! A WHOPPER!! This grace was the same with all the animals he was! And myte..!! his lil daughter Bindi was an absolute champ who had it in her genes!! Dropdead gorgeous! Who'd be surrounded with snakes, and crocs.. who'd christen the crocs... the names she gave them "Seaweed Princess, Magenta, Leopard" these were crocs.. and she named wombats too, alright!! A Wombat being called 'Burrow'...!

I remember how Steve kissed her ears while he held her saying "Burrow?!! It is!! Cool! Ur a beauty"!!
How Bindi used to be in the shows' filming sets.. On 'The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course' where Steve, with a bandage on his knee due to the cartilage tear, had to shoot his super crocs-Charlie & Monty... It's still ringing in my ears.. reverberating.... on Steve's saying Bindi, the toddler, kept the shrill little voice "Dyadi.. beee cearfullll daown Dyadi.. Beee cearfulll Dyadi"... (daddy be careful!)
Bindi has always been with Steve in his mission along with mom.

This is one of the ultimate shows of his i've seen!! His involvement in the delivery of their second child!!
Just as involved as he is in everything he does, he wouldn't leave anything to stand back and watch! He gloved his hands and kept Terri-his love calm with his warmth during the second child's birth! The final moment- their baby's cries filled the air....tears rolled down Steve's cheeks... His left hand on her left cheek & right hand on her head, face sunk in her shoulders and eyes shrinking in tears, he cried in her arms as she lay in the bed!!!!!! Terri couldn't have asked God for more than this husband! Absolute bliss!! "Robert Clarence Irwin" was born! and not surprising is that he looks like his dad! by word and by deed!!
Baby Bob-the blessed kid!! Baby Bob's too stepping in as Jr.Steve!! He had to be!!! Another favorite shot of mine: where Terri's teaching him how to present an Echidna.. Take 1: "this is an Echennidddaaa"!! Terri corrects him "this in an Echidna". Take 2: "this is an EcheniDDaa"!!!
Lil beauty he is!! He loves saying this with his left hand up like an L, "Crikeyyy what a ripper!! Holyglaucamoly"!!!!!!! I'm left with no words more to go on beyond this!
The beautiful family!!

There's another moment worth writing here.... The heroic rescue of 77-year old Scott Jones, the scuba diver who
perched on a narrow rock ledge jutting out from the side of a cliff, off the coast of Mexico's Baja California Peninsula. There wasn't anyone who'd give it a thought of saving the two scuba divers' lives! Steve was the man who rescued Scott, using his vessel to patrol the waters around the island and his satellite communications to call in a rescue plane! What an absolute goodwill!

The goodwill has descended on all those who worked with him. A perfect family consisting of an intelligent brave wife Terri, gorgeous children Bindi&Bob, his legend father Bob, his mirror image best pal Wes, his entire crew and staff at Australia zoo, and the most important of all for which his heart used to beat- Animals!!! Wildlife!!!

Both Bindi and Bob are exact replica of their father! Proud Dad Steve!! They both are croc-savvy and know exactly how to conduct themselves safely in croc territory!
Steve has done his job of passing on his legacy, his love, his passion to the kids!

The family would stop at nothing to carry Steve's message across the globe!! By Jingo, they'd do it!! It's an irrepairable loss to the family and to the world!! No amount of condolence or prayers can get back Terri her Wonderful husband and kids their best father.
Terri is brave.. it takes a lot to put on a brave face with gushing pain inside.
None's yet born nor be born to be like Steve!! The world has lost the true legend who's kingdom's filled with animals, love, passion, goodwill!! where animals-reptiles, birds, mammals alike reign supreme! AND THEY WILL in his kingdom!
He will reign in the faith of children that adore him, in adults and anyone who possibly happened to know him!! He's a true inspiration to millions around the world! Children, especially, where the etching of love for wildlife is done in their spotfree brains! They'd grow upto to be Steves!!
Father Bob spoke about Steve, saying Steve was in pain for the past 3-4 years a 100% of the time and that he's feeling good about the fact that Steve's no longer in pain!!!
My heart is wrenched to write this! My hands become numb and with pain running down my spine, i write this....... Steve's in peace now!

It's upto us to carry the legacy and his message on. No matter how tiny the contribution is, let's DO IT!!
Steve gave his entire life to spread conservation message! Let's do our bit to the Animal kingdom! Let's give sometime to think and act to protect wildlife!!! Just to feel and forget is no good!! Put into action the thoughts/feelings for wildlife!

Here's his message to his fans in his words:



ಗೆಳತಿ ದಿವ್ಯಾ ಬ್ಲಾಗ್ ಪ್ರಪಂಚಕ್ಕೆ ಮೊದಲ ಹೆಜ್ಜೆಯಿಡುತ್ತಿದ್ದಾಳೆ. ಪ್ರಕೃತಿಪ್ರೇಮ, ಬರವಣಿಗೆಯ ಆಸಕ್ತಿ ಈಕೆಯ ರಕ್ಷೆಯಾಗಿರುತ್ತೆಂಬ ನಂಬಿಕೆ ನನಗಿದೆ. ನಾನು ಈಕೆಗೆ ಮೇಷ್ಟ್ರಲ್ಲದ ಮೇಷ್ಟ್ರು, ಈಕೆ ನನಗೆ ಸ್ಟುಡೆಂಟಲ್ಲದ ಸ್ಟುಡೆಂಟು. ಈ ನನ್ನ ಹೊಸ ಸ್ಟುಡೆಂಟಿಗೆ ಜಸವಾಗಲಿ. ಆಲ್ ದಿ ಬೆಸ್ಟ್, ದಿವ್ಯಾ!